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Converting Books To EPUB Design Postcards, Books, Poster, Flyers, Brochures We print, publish and typeset

We ghost write novels, non-fiction, TV commercials, Web site copy & more.

Experience Counts
Donald Gazzaniga has written copy for scores of Web sites, major advertising agencies as well as for motion picture studios, national restaurants, and produced copy for hundreds of brochures and annual reports. He has created, written, produced or directed more than 500 TV commercials for regional and national television. He is also a well-known author of cookbooks and fiction novels.

Television Commercials & Corporate Films
We have written hundreds of national and regional TV commercials for major corporations including GMC, Honda, Pontiac, Cessna Aircraft and others. Donald Gazzaniga has served as creative director for two different medium sized advertising agenies.

Copy Editing Services
Our chief editor, Tony DiMarco, is a published author and a produced screenplay writer as well as having served as senior editor for large and medium sized newspapers. On top of that Tony has been head story editor for many TV shows.

Book Publishing
We design books including covers and interior. We use high-end software to achieve the best results for you and your printer. We work with offset printers as well as print demand companies. We also help you upload your material if you need it. Please read the below concerning our follow-through for you when we produce your book for print in Kindle and EPUB formats.

Ghost Writing
Ghost writing is a world of its own. You will never know which books a ghost writer has produced, but we can tell you the areas of interest and sometimes the author's background. Since we have ghost written books for many famous persons as well self publishers seeking to tell their stories, all ghost writers keep who they wrote for under wraps. This is a special arena and it is a specialty of ours if you want a high quality book written. In this area of publishing, you truly get what you pay for.

We convert Black and White Photographs to full color A speciality. Also we can enlarge any photo you have from any stadard size to an 8 x 10, 300 dpi for printshop quality.

"Donald Gazzaniga, known around here as 'Size 15' for his enormous boots, remains the only photographer allowed on top of Mt. Rushmore since its completion." — Bob Crisman, Head Ranger, Mt. Rushmare National Park.

That's Not All!

We specialize in converting your book or documents to Kindles (Mobi), iBook and EPUB formats.
Printed in ink or digital we do it all.

About Kindles & EPUB
Many online services for converting your book to Kindles and other E-readers use a "mechanical" method known as a "meatgrinder." Sometiems these work well, but most of the time they don't. If your book has even one misused code in either MSWord or PDF or other format, then that code will prevent you from passing the e-validator test, which is necessary today for iBooks and many EPUB distributors.

Distribution Made Easy
We not only will provide you exact files for Kindle, Nook, iBooks and others but we'll send you the special file that and/or needs for their system. Smashwords & distribute to all ebook vendors online. For Kindles you either upload directly to your own Kindle account or let do it when they distribute to all other ebook sellesrs. We provide the perfect file for that. Please write and ask us any questions you might have concerning your work. We've been doing this since the first Kindle arrived on the market. We are the experts. Click here to write us. Our information if free and accurate.

Free Offer
Don't forget our offer for a free flip book. If we design your printed book, then we'll also produce a flipping book. That's a book you can post online and your readers turn the pages with their mouse..

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